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Eng / Ahmed Elsayed
Eng / Ahmed Elsayed
Area Sales Manager

Preparing special annual plans in the sales department by relying on studying market requirements, and following up on customer requests in order to work on providing them.
Determining the strategic goals of sales by setting a set of expectations about the volume of sales that will be achieved, compared to the amount of profits that includes the revenues that have been collected, and also based on studying and analyzing the previous sales of the company.
Contributing to maintaining the selling price based on ensuring a permanent balance between supply and demand; The higher the demand for sales, the more the company offers.
Determining and controlling sales prices, by following up on the competition with other companies that offer similar types of sales that the company offers in the commercial market.
Following up on the work of the sales department's employees, and making sure that they perform them according to their plans and tasks, and ensures continuity in achieving success in the work.
Providing advice to employees, merchants, and customers who deal with the company, either directly or if they request any advice related to sales, such as clarifying the nature of a new product that will be announced soon.
Maintaining the enhancement of the team effort in the sales department by supporting the role of cooperation between all employees in order to achieve special goals at work.
Holding training courses and workshops for the employees of the sales department, especially the new ones; So that they can understand the nature of the special work in the department, and this helps them to develop their skills and experience in the sales business.