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Eng / Ayman Gaber
Eng / Ayman Gaber

  • Supervising all day-to-day activities and operations of the company by following it up on a permanent and continuous basis.
  • Ensure the implementation of the best strategies that ensure the continuous development of the company's work environment.
  • Set goals for all tasks, measure the success of performance in implementing them, and follow up on their reports. Interest in review the work of executive directors, heads of departments, and supervisors for different work.
  • Searching for the best functional programs that can be successfully applied within the company's environment.
  • Seek to link the products and services provided by the company with the nature of the target customers in the society.
  • Paying attention to recruiting qualified employees who contribute to achieving professional development in all career fields.
  • Issuing final decisions on major projects and development plans that will be implemented.
  • Dealing with all company employees, hearing their opinions and motivating them to participate in meetings in order to identify the achievements and challenges they face.
  • Representing the company in local, regional and international conferences and meetings.