Eng / Mohamed Tantawy Alternate Text
Eng / Mohamed Tantawy
Eng / Mohamed Tantawy
Head Projects Section

- Participating in the technical inspection committees and determining the technical offers that match the specifications.
- Review the technical specifications mentioned in the assignment order for the process before issuing the assignment or contracting order.
- Reviewing the executive drawings received from the direct executing companies and approving them with catalogs and materials used in the implementation.
- Follow-up of the implementation of the project or direct supervision of the implementing companies.
- Initial receipt of the project, its entry into service, and the start of operating and maintenance programs.
- Reviewing and following up the necessary plans for occupational safety and health work to ensure the safety and security of the company’s employees and its establishment.
- Reviewing and following up the necessary plans to secure the company’s facilities from the dangers of fire.
- Assisting the Project Implementation Follow-up Department in solving any technical problems that occur during implementation.
- Performs similar tasks assigned to him related to his job tasks and the nature of his work.